Assignment 09 Impulse Response Reverb

Goal:  Acquire a new technical skill and learn about Impulse Response (IR) and convolution reverb from hands-on experience.

• Find a 2-3 reverberant spaces where you can pop some balloons.
• Record balloon popping at close proximity.  You may need to experiment at home to find how to record the balloons without distortion.
• Record your voice or instrument in a “dry” location.
• Find a convolution or Impulse Response reverb tool that allows you to load your own impulse response files.
• Apply the impulse response files to the dry recording.

Bonus Tasks:
• Record the same voice or instrument used in the dry recording, but this time in the reverberant space.
• Compare the IR reverb to the live recorded reverb.

Post the recordings and a brief discussion of your processes and results on your blog.

We will present and discuss further at our next meeting.


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