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Course Description (spring 2014)

Albert Description:
A general introduction to the fundamental concepts of music technology, including: sound propagation, the principles of microphone operation, the use of speakers & mixers, the MIDI standard & its implementation, the basics of digital systems, waveform editing & audio file formats & compression. The lectures will be complemented by practical assignments & demonstrations, through which students will gain a basic understanding of how to use technology to enhance & demonstrate their musical work.

Instructor Description:
This class is meant to help student develop a deeper understanding of music technology via three areas of focus:

1. Introduction the scientific concepts at the root of Music Production Technology

2. Development of formalized critical listening and analysis skills as they apply to music technology and music production

3. Rudimentary application of music production and research methodologies via video production

Weekly presentations and discussions will be supplemented by extensive reading as well as hands-on assignments.  Students will be expected to take on challenges that will required developing new skills and understandings as their projects come to fruition.   Students will conclude the semester with a video presentation of a research topic or original music production.   At that time they will have gained  at least rudimentary skills in all of the fundamental areas of music technology.  Successful students will overcome technical challenges and gain a new respect for their own abilities to engage new topics and technologies.